Episode 1: Meet the Hero!

Some time ago, there lived an extraordinary boy with the most spectacular power. Coming of age in the most depressing squalor of urban decay, he had no idea quite how extraordinary he was, or really that he was extraordinary at all. Until the day, when he reached his thirteenth and a half birthday, and his journey began to unfold. He left home that day, never turning his head over his shoulder in mourning, every step forward a new and wondrous experience into a world so desperate for his arrival.

And so it is with great sadness that I inform you this boy bit the proverbial dust the other day. For, as you see, in his wondrous journey, he lost his head. First, figuratively, as it was all an elaborate fiction created by his mind. Then, literally, as he was combating a fearsome dragon, he was in actually meandering about in a construction area when a beam broke free of its tether to come swinging and lop off his head. It would appear then that the dragon won.

Luckily for both of us, we didn’t know this boy. Which is convenient, really, otherwise our story would start off on a most depressing foot.

The boy whose story I am about to unfold has not met such an end, and as such, will be a much better story to tell. At least, I’m inclined to believe so. I’ll let you be the judge for yourself.

However, like the unfortunate boy in our introduction, this boy had a special power. Now, before I tell you outright, I feel there is a necessity for introduction.

You must know this isn’t among the average lot of powers. Often times when a story mentions of a character with a unique ability it’s something along the lines of controlling fire, or the ability to move objects with one’s mind. Also in most cases, the reason for this unique ability is to serve some kind of purpose such as saving the world from almost certain destruction, or rescuing a distressed damsel. These unique abilities usually come about from some freak accident and are not widely accepted until put into good use. The holder of the unique ability often feels the need to hide his or her identity from the unrelenting eye of the public in order to shadow his or her personal life from his or her enemies that may wish to use it against him or her.

Note that none of the above characteristics apply to this situation. This young man’s ability serves absolutely no real purpose and was conceived at birth. This young man had the ability to control the movement of bowels.

He found out some years ago when he called his chubby friend, Gustavo, a party pooper after having not taken part in tipping over some of the cows on Old Man Creasy’s neighboring farm. Little did this young man know, of whom I shall soon name, that Gustavo would eventually move an entire party through his system, and within a week no less!

This unique young man’s name was Aaron, and upon his fifteenth and a half birthday, he decided he would resurrect a long since forgotten tradition of his village. For his sixteenth birthday, he would leave his village to depart on a quest.

Continue on the Quest!

3 Responses to Episode 1: Meet the Hero!

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  2. AshleyNicole says:

    Loved this! The beginning was really fantastic and the conclusion left me smiling. Looking forward to the next episode!

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