season one cover

young adult, fantasy

Journey with Aaron as he sets out from his village to explore the lands of Taryn, as boys from his village once did. Upon his 16th birthday, Aaron decides to resurrect the old tradition of questing, leaving behind his meager existence as a farmhand in his little community to discover what wonder and magic exists beyond its border.

But Aaron doesn’t go alone. He is accompanied by his lovably dim-witted friend, the pudgy Gustavo, and the beautiful yet voraciously adventurous Samantha, for whom Aaron secretly pines.

As they begin their travels, they start to discover insidious plots forming from powerful and dark outside forces. Forces, they uncover, that have their sights set on their village and families. As the three are swept off into the world, they find themselves seeking to protect the very thing they sought to escape. Home.

Start on the quest right now!

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