If you enjoy the writing on this blog, you should check out these works:

Living Flesh Cover

After the planet has succumbed to self-destruction, humanity’s last bastion exists in the Icarus International Space Refuge, drifting in Earth’s orbit. While the governing body aboard attempts to resurrect hope for the future, the youth battle malaise in the face of being the last generation. Kyle Truman, a boy of seventeen, finds himself at odds with the captain and the Board’s policies, meanwhile exploring the mystery behind the space station’s boogeyman cover-up. The mad scientist Gordon Peterson is said to have gone AWOL after a disagreement with the Board over a secretive project. He lives in the vast areas of the Icarus left unoccupied, home to the nonconforming population, returning only to snatch high profile victims and splay their flesh from their bone.

As Kyle comes closer to discovering the truth about the secrets lurking in the Abandoned Quarters of the Icarus, he risks his closest relationships, his physical safety, and his own sanity. All while trying to come to grips with what it means to be Human after the end of the world.

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